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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Café Belga

Going to the supermarket on a Monday is a regular, unfortunate necessity for those of us who find better things to do on Saturdays and realise, belatedly, on Sunday afternoon that we have no food in the house and everywhere useful is closed.  After joining in the supermarket dash I diverted to Café Belga because this is just the place to redeem my Monday evening.  I love flopping onto the couches lining the walls, preferably in some dark corner where I can scribble, observe others or chat away to my heart's content.  On this particular evening my corner is shared with a girl busy knitting, waiting for a man who eventually turns up (late).

Belga is housed in an art-deco style building resembling a passenger steamship.  At night, this is an achingly cool bar with photogenic bar staff attracting a wide, alternative-leaning crowd; who often linger for hours on the surrounding square on Summer evenings.  By day a diverse group of people sip mint tea, juice or beer, while tapping away on laptops or catching up with other office workers or stay-at- home mums.  Pounding beats attract large groups on Friday and Saturday nights – don’t expect your voice to be heard, just savour your drink and let time and conversation drift past you.  These days smokers good-naturedly puff outside, making the atmosphere inside heaps better than it was. 

What to drink?  Hot chocolate, blended fresh juices or mint tea on a cold winter's afternoon; or choose from the extensive selection of Belgian beers day or night.  This might be just the place to try out the stronger ones (Chimay bleue, Bush  or Delirium Tremens, anyone?) because once you're esconced in Belga you will find it hard to leave.   

Place Flagey, 18
Also sometimes hosts jazz on Sundays

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