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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sogno d'Italia

Well, just a few hours to go and I will be on holiday. I'm a bit apprehensive about this one, and not only because I won't speak one word of the language.  Today in Brussels the sun shone, and lots of people were absent, and their dogs absent too (or so the clean pavements indicated).  I like Brussels in August, so what on earth was I thinking?  Why did I decide to go away?  Why not February, my most hated month?  Oh, and while I'm gone, would anyone like to write a guest article for the blog?  Too many places to write about.  Can't keep up.  Need help!  

This holiday will be to one of the most "unfamilar" places I've been to.  The sun will probably stay away too, and there will be no beaches or mountains.  No chance to practise my Spanish either.  I was feeling worried-bordering-on melancholic so I slunk off to the Cimitière d'Ixelles for my final Brussels lunch for a little while: a terrace lunch!  Parking is not too much of a headache down here and I'd recommend the area because there are plenty of places to eat and drink, as well as bowling and the studenty Le Tavernier of course.  The students never completely take over the place, but at the moment there is a particularly relaxed summery vibe. 

I have a few pizza places at my sleeve to blog about at some stage, but the ones here are pretty good, I think - nothing to rave about for pizza afficionados, but good nevertheless.  They also have Hawaiian pizza (unusually), with what tasted like fresh pineapple.  It's a nice spot for a lunch outside.  Saw others enjoying the daily special, which looked good value at 11.50 euro. 

Does anyone know what has happened to Monte Bianco on rue des Pierres, and the duo of brothers behind it?  Every time I've tried to go back it seems shut up and closed.  A shame, because the cook was opinionated and noisy and entertaining - and made very good pizzas!  Have they moved again?

Brussels, will miss you!

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