City wanderings - and a pilgrimage to some of the best eating and drinking spots in Brussels. Or maybe not eating or drinking - ah, oh well.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Het Warm Water

Temperatures in Brussels have already started to plummet, but at least today we had sun and a dusting of snow, rather than the cold, drizzle and grey of recent weeks.  So we headed out to the Marolles, and stopped here on the rue des renards, near the flea market on Place de Jeu de Balle. 

We enjoyed two wholesome brunches (Rollebeek and au bord de la Senne), with Vivaldi playing in the background: both helping to sustain us through our half-hour walk afterwards.  You can choose from various tapas-sized options: eggs (scrambled, boiled, fried or omelette); muesli, vegetable quiche; slices of charcuterie (including pressed head for the brave); an intimidating slither of smelly Brussels cheese with pears; and salads.  There are also plenty of a la carte options and cakes and desserts.  Plus homemade jams to take away at 3 euros a pot, Brussels specialities, and chicory... in soup and salads and no doubt in other things too.  
Really liked this place, so I was dismayed to read a notice inside announcing the owner's intention to sell up by the end of June 2011, after 18 years - either to continue in its current incarnation or as a new venture - so enjoy it while you can.

Stop Press: I understand that ZABO has taken over on a short-term basis, offering quiches, tarts and the like - Open Thursday to Sunday 8:00 - 17:00

25 rue des renards
1000 Brussels
02 513 91 59


  1. Mmm, looks scrumptious! You only forgot one thing...BEER!!!

  2. If I tell you that it was only 11:30 in the morning, would you let me off? But of course you can have beer - you can have beer at any time of day!