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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Delecta is another of my favourite Brussels bars: a happy medley of wooden tables, utilitarian steel shelves and brown floral seventies wallpaper.  The focal point is the old stove with its outsized outlet pipe, planted there in the middle where it belongs.  One warm Monday evening I was leaving when I spied a new addition: a Scrabble board! This prompted the question: What's the longest game of Scrabble you've ever played?  Providing my opponent hasn't lost patience with me, I think my current, debut game of online Scrabble must be my longest ever.  It has lasted over two months. I am losing quite badly, and really I should just admit this and challenge my friend to a re-match with the board, here in Delecta.  I feel this would improve my chances and anyway, playing is not as much fun on the computer!

Delecta is a couple of minutes away from the Place Flagey.  Some might call it a wine bar, but it also offers a good selection of beers, juices and a few light meals (between 6 and 12 euro).  I particularly like the plates of antipasti you can share with friends.  The other night we had quiche and a croque monsieur: the latter was much more exciting than the usual croque offerings, with  moreish crunchy bread, mozzarella, serrano ham and roasted vegetables.  Meanwhile a man on a neighbouring table was typing away on his laptop and watching me with barely disguised amusement as I pored over cocktail books and attacked my quiche with gusto. 

This is one of the first places I think of coming to on a summer evening, or when it's bitterly cold and there's space not far from that stove.  The only problem can be finding a table, particularly on Thursday and Friday evenings when a DJ and larger groups move in.  I'd say the music style is funk- and complements the relaxed staff, the food counter, ceiling tiles and wallpaper.  One of the staff once chatted to me at length about her home town of Rio de Janeiro.  Delecta, you are great!

rue Lannoy 2
+32 (0)2 644 19 49
Open Monday to Friday 10:00 - 01:00
Saturday 11:00 - 02:00

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