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Saturday, April 2, 2011

El Churrasco Argentino

In an effort to forget the grotty, grotty Brussels bar I visited last night, let me take you away, far from Brussels - to Bruges! 

A couple of weekends ago I spent an afternoon here; boat tripping, chocolate munching, beer sipping - rounding it all off with a juicy steak at El Churrasco Argentino.  The prices here are slightly higher than what you'd pay for a steak in an average Belgian restaurant; however for that you get a particular chargrilled Argentinian flavour.  My steak was rather delicious and I wondered if I really needed the rich sauce accompaniment covering my slab of meat.  Accompanying this we had some garlicky bread and butter and some frites, which were sadly not as good as those at Le Coq d'Or.  Oddly they didn't seem to taste beefy enough.  We enjoyed all this cosily tucked away in our own cow-hide covered cubicle (not genuine), decorated with empty wine bottles signed by happy gap year couples.

Earlier we had came across a bar accessed off an inner courtyard, lined with samples of every single Belgian beer, reverently displayed behind plastic with a few informative labels scattered about.  Then there was the cute Nemo fish, a figure from outer space, and the bar itself.  We drank kwak looking out over the canal, taking in the black walls with messages scrawled in chalk.  When last orders came, the staff simply unfurled a great big net around the bar: a novel way of getting everyone to drink up and move on.

El Churrasco Argentino
Vlamingstraat 76
8000 Brugge
050 34 68 28

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