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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food and Wine

I know.  Here it is: not for the first time, you are invited to contemplate my lunch. 

It's the moment before I start eating the sea bass.  It sits, perfectly grilled and plump on a line of olives and gently-warmed ratatouille.  Potatoes, pine nuts and parmesan are scattered about.  The roquette and pesto add green, a reminder of Summer.  It is my favourite tasting dish, and - who knows - is probably healthy as well. 

The sea bass has lured me back to Food and Wine again, a bistro-like place on rue Belliard, full of be-suited folk (all capable of creating as much noise as the road outside).  I'm in the garden, and it is sunny. 

Later, our dessert has orangey sauce to lavish on a chocolate tart, and panna cotta with a dribble of coulis and strawberries in (look, enjoy!)  When they took our not-quite-finished rosé away, we objected and received full glasses back (no apology though).  No sulking, just more rosé.

The photographs - of my lunch, breakfast, dinner - are the constant.  A year, and then some, of eating.  But behind them is me.  Just writing, sometimes: about things I've learned, keeping up appearances, not knowing what you're doing with your life, choosing to leave something because whatever others say it's better than continuing.  Being courageous, being cowardly.  Being incorrigibly untidy and indecisive.  Laughing.

I fear it may be time.  Time to start blogging again.

Food and Wine
rue Belliard 181
1040 Etterbeek
02 282 94 98

Open for lunch and dinner Monday to Friday.
It's a 5-10 minute walk from the European Parliament and the Commission, and a 5 minute wander from Place Jourdan.

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