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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Choosy Juicebar

Carrot, fennel, celery, beetroot, garlic, cucumber.  All of these are great smoothie ingredients, but only one of them, beetroot, will turn your tongue a pinky red colour.  I also choose beetroot because I don't think I've sampled it in a smoothie before.

Beetroot gives you energy, promotes blood production, encourages your appetite and is easy to digest, I read on Choosy's website afterwards.

Choosy juicebar is run by Laura.  I was glad to come across it yesterday in town, because it was scorching hot and I was still dehydrated from the mojitos and dancing at the boisterous, brilliant Fiesta Latina the previous evening.  Laura's shop is cool, pink and green; one wall taken up by a mural of a forest and with pink birds in the window to populate it.  I'm usually a fan of guapa, the juice shop chain that is taking off in Brussels.  However, Laura's shop does not benefit from industrial sized blenders and juicers, and she uses vegetables that guapa don't, namely beetroot!  Oh hang on, guapa use beetroot too. But I prefer Laura's beetrooty version.

"Why smoothies?"  I ask Laura, when she has a short break from making sandwiches, smoothies and washing up.  "Because I like juice", she says simply.  I couldn't think of any more interesting questions to ask this young entrepreneur, so that was it.   

Carrot-ic evidence: this place is good for you!

 I still don't understand why when I make smoothies at home, they never taste as good as at Choosy, even when following a recipe.  So I will come again!  Laura's list is long....

Becinbrussels and her friend drank a Choupi: pineapple, apple, beetroot, ginger, orange!  (Detox digest)  And a Willy: carrot, ginger, orange.

Small smoothies are at 3.50 euro and large at 4.50.  The large size is generous and particularly good value.

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