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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tout Bon

Ah, Tout Bon.  I like coming to this corner of Place du Luxembourg for breakfast - or a later brunch on the weekend.

Munch away contentedly on your breads, croissants and jams, just across the square from the monolith European Parliament staring you down with its myriad of glaring, reflective, waspish eyes.  Big Bully.  I know where I'd rather be.

Choosing my breakfast formule is not as simple as you'd think.  I usually opt for ze Continental, which seems to reflect both where I am and who I am these days.  There isn't a English breakfast as such, but there is a good variation on it: you can add bacon and beautifully presented custard yellow fried eggs to your bread selection.  The Continental comprises freshly squeezed juice, tea or coffee, a fresh croissant or pain au chocolat, and a basket of breads.  All breakfasts seem to include access to ze Jams of Delight, placed strategically within fighting distance in the middle of the table, and including chocolat-noisette spread, miel des ruchers mosan (from near Dinant), strawberry and blueberry jam, marmalade, and brown gloopy poiret from the Ardennes (pears slow-cooked without sugar or additives).  For me, the Jams of Delight are the best bit.

However there's another good thing about Tout Bon.  They do real hot chocolate, not the horrible Cécémel stuff.  This one will coat your throat with wonderful chocolatey-ness and fill you with joy.  Unfortunately no formule offers both orange juice and hot chocolate, so you just have to order it separately, instead of your coffee or tea, for a small supplement.  Then I pretend to be French, smearing my bread in jam and dunking the lot in my chocolate.  Wonderful.

Breakfast formulas at Tout Bon cost between 5 and 14 Euros.  They also do decent sandwiches to take away at lunch-time, including posh ingredients such as artichokes.

At Tout Bon Becinbrussels eats:

  • pain au chocolat
  • lashings of honey
  • a bit of blueberry
  • un petit peu de poiret
  • a slurp of strawberry
  • a morsel of bread and marmalade

and then she waddles off.....
+32 (0)2 230 42 44

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