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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Parc Tenbosch

Last June I announced on Twitter that change was afoot for me.  Admittedly I announced this in a rather enigmatic fashion.  "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark", I said, and I cannot expect anyone to fathom quite what I meant by this, except that change was to happen!  But I like mysteries, and I certainly do not like baring my soul on Twitter - every week someone new apologises publicly  for an inappropriate remark.  When so many well-known people fall flat on their faces whyohwhy would I, as a not well-known person, choose to take to Twitter et al to publicise to the ethersphere how I am feeling at a time which might be a transition phase or a more lasting change - especially when I have nothing particular to say about it.   So, I remained silent.   

I was not intending to be silent for so long, but silence becomes a habit and four months pass swiftly when you are a student again.  For a start, you have real work to do.  Or rather, in comparison to what I was doing before, I am learning and being challenged and enjoying libraries, lectures, giving speeches and acquiring new skills.  No longer am I becoming office-ossified as the ghostly presence delivering the post!  Tonight it is the turn of "the most fiendish jigsaw puzzle of a mind - contorting - inland - waterwaying - freight - Frenchie translation."  (Twitter, ahem.)  This week were the dreaded interpreting exams.  Last week, translation, again.  I hardly have time to think about what it was like before.

So, LADIES and GENTS.  The simple explanation for the lack of new bars and restaurants featured on Becinbrussels of late is that I HAVE NO MONEY!  Instead, I humbly offer you a bench from my favourite Parc Tenbosch, warmed by the Summer sun.  I'm looking wistfully at said bench as I write - outside it is -2 and light snow is falling.

It is incredible to believe I am nearly halfway through this Masters training, and in less than 6 months will be graduating, barely more experienced than now - yet still ready-ish to become an interpreter-translator.  And the blog will be re-born!  But for now I have to leave my beloved restaurants and bars to others - to those bloggers with more cash than me.....   (Becinbrussels sniffs).  Or perhaps... I will write about my experience of learning to become an interpreter.

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