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Friday, March 11, 2011


Friday's article is about frites - and frustration!  Not that the two are connected: I wouldn't associate frites with frustration at all, but more with satisfaction and defiant indulgence.  And vive indulgence and eating on the street - after all, we can't have organic, whole grain, omega 3 sandwiches every day. 

I thought it might be useful to evaluate the offerings of fritkots, baraques à frites and the more permanent outlets which the British would call chippies, and for which Belgium has a justified reputation.  So in aid of quality testing I called in to Fritland late one Tuesday evening, after some vigorous dancing at Madame Moustache.

The problem is that I think my impression of how good the frites are has more to do with me than any objective quality criteria.  Am I ravenous, grumpy, depressed, or just needing to supplant a liquid meal?  I'm convinced that last time I went to Fritland they were better and more beefy-tasting.  I remember this particularly because a good vegetarian friend was with me and she was enjoying them so much I didn't have the heart to tell her....

This time round the chips were certainly good: crispy and golden; but weren't they more freshly made last time?  They aren't the cheapest in town at 2 Euros, plus 70 cents for sauce (what, 70 cents for ketchup?!)  Next up will be both FritFlagey and Maison Antoine, of New York Times fame.  Let the contest begin!

And the frustration?  Well it is all due to the slow decline of my computer, which has served me well since 2005.  I am refusing to let her go, but the beast is being obstinate and causing trouble.  Anyway, I digress from the issue at hand.

More frites reviews to come.  But yes - please - take with a pinch of salt!

49, rue Henri Maus
1000 Brussels
02 514 06 27

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