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Saturday, January 29, 2011

L'autre Cantina

Ah, what a relaxing place to have dinner this is!  I rang the bell and came through a hallway decorated with vibrant green leaves to this Brazilian restaurant, which had a surprising amount of floor space for the number of tables.  Now the other diners were not centimetres away, as they often are in many popular Brussels eateries, so the music in the background could lull me and conversation was effortless.   Like the Virgin Mary figurines and their buddha, I was serene.

I spent much of the time admiring the artwork on the walls, the lanterns, the terrace at the back (one to remember for the Summer).  Service was unhurried and that was how I wanted it to be.  The menu choice was not extensive, but that didn't matter either.  We chose frango com mango e quiabo and muqueca de frutos do mar: the chicken sauce was sticky and the muqueca coconut milk sauce reminiscent of a Thai curry, but with something different, I'm not sure what.  The dishes were accompanied by farofa, which was like a couscous with the strong flavour of onions, also very enjoyable.  A great introduction to Brazilian food: I will return!    
L'autre Cantina offers a buffet lunch on weekdays, not at a set price, but charged by weight.  I'm told that you can eat more that you expect for less money than you brought with you, so don't hold back: if you return for second helpings you'll have to go through the weighing process again!

Chaussée de Vleurgat 117
1000 Brussels
02 644 9777

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